The Physics of Correlated Electrons

Emergent phenomena in strongly correlated d- and f-electron quantum materials, including superconductivity, magnetism, valence fluctuation and heavy fermion behavior, and topological phenomena. Quantum matter under extreme conditions of low temperature (millikelvin region), high pressure (megabar range), and high magnetic field (100 tesla range). In the Maple Lab, we synthesize materials we expect to show interesting behavior and measure them by a variety of techniques at low temperatures, in magnetic fields, and at high pressures.

Our Lab

Our laboratory benefits from extensive facilities for growing and characterizing materials. As we can both synthesize and measure samples, we can achieve a feedback loop of figuring out what further samples would be interesting for investigation. Our characterization equipment allows us to measure samples under high magnetic fields and pressures at low temperatures. Our sample preparation facilities allow us to prepare both polycrystalline and single crystal samples with a variety of techniques.