Maple Group: Physics of Correlated Electron Materials

URu2-xRexSi2 Phase Diagram
Measurements on URu2-xRexSi2 single crystals indicate that substitution of Re for Ru in URu2Si2 reduces the transition temperature of the hidden order state and quickly destroys superconductivity. At intermediate Re concentrations, weak ferromagnetism emerges and non Fermi liquid behavior is observed in the low-temperature specific heat and electrical resistivity. A scaled Arrott analysis of the magnetization indicates the onset of ferromagnetism at x = 0.15, where the hidden order disappears, and that the quantum phase transition is associated with novel critical exponents.

Selected References:

Nicholas P. Butch, Jason R. Jeffries, Benjamin T. Yukich, M. Brian Maple, “Tuning of Hidden Order and Superconductivity in URu2Si2 by Applied Pressure and Re Substitution,” in Actinides 2006 — Basic Science, Applications and Technology, edited by K.J.M. Blobaum, E. Chandler, L. Havela, M.B. Maple, M. Neu (Mater. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. 986, Warrendale, PA, 2007), 0986-OO02-03.

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