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Toler Elementary Outreach

We participated in Science Night at Toler Elementary School in Mission bay in 2006. Below are photos from that event.

teaching principles of physics

Ryan discusses some basic principles of condensed matter physics and materials science with the students

liquid nitrogen

We introduce the students to liquid nitrogen. Hopefully it's a lasting relationship.

liquid nitrogen freezing

The students marvel at the amazing freezing power of liquid nitrogen.

meissner effect
meissner effect

Neil and Johan, two graduate students from Professor Di Ventra's research group at UCSD, demonstrate magnetic flux expulsion and pinning in high temperature superconductors. The students are more interested in the liquid nitrogen itself.

freezing things

Keith and Ryan demonstrate the ability of liquid nitrogen to freeze things. Students invariably want to see frozen paper. It is usually quite a disappointment since the properties of paper at 77 K are almost identical to its properties at room temperature. The students recover their interest when tennis balls, flowers, and balloons are frozen and shattered.