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Woodstock of Physics

The Woodstock of physics refers to the American Physical Society's meeting on March 18, 1987 regarding high-temperature superconductors. The session, which was chaired by Prof. Maple, was added last-minute to their annual meeting, to discuss the new research into the recently discovered high-temperature superconductors, which remained superconducting at liquid nitrogen temperatures.
Excited scientists started lining up for the session well before the time it was scheduled to begin, and many had to watch from outside using camera feeds set up by the hotel. The session went well into the night, ending at 3:15 am, though many stayed longer to discuss the presentations. This meeting led to real excitement in both the scientific community and the mainstream media over the possibilities in high temperature superconductors. Many laboratories began searching for new breakthroughs to push the critical temperature of superconductivity even higher.

Footage of the entire session of the Woodstock of Physics is available below in 8 parts, courtesy of APS